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Cookie policy

We use cookies on our website.

We collect data on site visits and statistical data on how the site is used. We do not collect data that would allow individual visitors to be identified. Part of the data are collected by using cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to your computer when you visit a certain web page. Cookies can be used by site administrators to store non-personal data on visitors, to make login easier for visitors and to compile aggregate data on visitors. A cookie is not a program, nor does it contain viruses or spread malware. We use cookies to offer visitors the information they need.

First and foremost, we use cookies to offer a better, tailored browsing experience and to analyse and improve the function and contents of the site. We may also use the data collected with cookies to optimise communications. Cookies alone do not allow individual visitors to be identified. However, cookie data can be linked to other data provided by a visitor, for example, when the visitor has filled in a form on the site.

We collect data on how our website is used. Such data include pages viewed, IP address and server, country, search words used, time of visit, computer or web browser, and from what page the visitor accessed our website. The data collected with cookies is stored on servers within the EU/EEA.

We also use Google Analytics, a web analytics service that tracks website traffic. The service produces anonymous statistical data and processes cookie data to help us find out how many visits our site gets, how many visitors use the site, which browsers they use, and in which country, city or region the visitors are located.

Learn more about Google Analytics.