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Scientific programme

Scientific programme

Welcome to NUASkom2020! Join us for cocktails, refreshments and dance at the beautiful Arken courtyard.
Dress code is casual.

Date: Sunday 14 June 2020
Time: 18:00

Find your way to Arken

Conference dinner at Ruissalo Shipyard

We welcome you to an unforgettable trip riding the gentle waves of the river Aura and an enjoyable conference dinner at the Ruissalo boatyard.

We start the evening with a short ferry sightseeing and during the ferry trip we will enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and fabulous views of Ruissalo Island.

We will promise you a really fun evening with catchy music and surprising programme. You only have to join us, because this is the evening you just can’t miss.

The Åbo Båtvarf (Turku Boatyard) operated in 1889-1954 and was the biggest boatyard in the Nordic countries and a major player throughout Europe. The Ruissalo Boatyard is today one of the most popular venues in Turku.

Dress code is casual, no high heels.

Date: Monday 15 June  2020
Time: 17:45

Bus transportation to the Turku city center is organised after the dinner.

Academic Walk

Academic Walk is a unique opportunity to experience the wide spectrum of Turku’s academic history. The tour will introduce you to the Turku Cathedral and the university area and the campuses of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

We will  guarantee you a unique coffee experience at the end of the walk at Café Art. Café Art is an art café on the banks of the river Aura, considered a city oasis for coffee lovers. We will enjoy Turku Coffee Roastery’s coffee and homemade cakes. The coffee is so good that Café Art has received the title of ‘Barista of the Year’ no less than six times. Welcome!

Date: Sunday 14 June 2020
Time: 14:00-16:00

Medieval Turku and Turku Castle

Join a guided tour in Turku Castle! Hear fascinating stories about the castle’s history. This guided tour will introduce you to the medieval history of Turku. The 700 year old Turku Castle offers much to experience. From the top floor, renaissance banquet halls and the round tower prisoner cells, to the scale models of the castle detailing its historical development through to the present day. During the guided tour you will hear about everyday life, celebrations, war and love within the Castle walls.

We will enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee and cinnamon buns at the end of the guided tour at Duke Johan´s Cellar. You have also the possibility to visit the Museum Shop Fatabur. The Museum Shop sells books, souvenirs and giftware. There are glass and metal items, and copies of jewelry from the museum’s collections. Textiles sold at the shop are produced by local artisans.


Date: Sunday 14 June 2020
Time: 14:00
Duration: 2 hrs
Address: Linnankatu 80, Turku

Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Sauna Excursion

Sauna holds a place in the hearts of every Finnish person. It cherishes the traditional values and respect for health and purification treatments, of which the sauna is the most prominent.

Enjoy a refreshing and relaxing sauna trip to Harjattula at the seashore of Turku archipelago. After sweating in the electric and wood-heated seaside saunas that Harjattula offers, you have a chance to dive in the sea.

After the sauna you have the chance to enjoy Finnish traditional Karelian pastry and refreshments and the beautiful sceneries of the seaside.

Date: Sunday 14 June 2020
Time: 13:30-17:00

Towels are provided, but remember to bring your own swimsuit!